• Helmet – Full face (non-modular). Snell 2010 or greater or ECE 22.05 rating. Undamaged. No helmet cameras or mounts.
  • Helmet visor or googles
  • One-piece (recommended) or two-piece leathers OR approved road racing Kevlar suit
  • Leather boots or plastic boots manufactured for motorcycle competition. Minimum 8” in height from top of sole.
  • Leather or kevlar gloves.
  • Hard-shell spine protector or back protector worn under leathers. Recommended for track days.



  • Clean bike so no dirt / mud falls on the track
  • Brakes in good working order
  • Mirrors secured in a folded position or removed
  • No sharp or protruding objects that could damage the track surface OR installation of appropriate sliders
  • Only water or non-glycol based additive for coolant
  • Functional kill switch
  • DOT or road race tires only. Tires in safe condition and wheel weights taped
  • Steering assembly not too loose
  • No excessive play in wheel or broken spokes